Frequently Asked Questions

Affordable Regrouting

regrouting for tiles, bathrooms

How long does it take?

The average time for a shower service is 4-6 hours and can be used approx 48 hours after.

Security for you and your family

Our team have the "Police Check". We are courteous, prompt and trustworthy. We are respectful of your privacy, time and always take care not to create or leave a mess behind. We also offer after hours servicing if required.


Our technicians are fully qualified, experienced and insured. Our workmanship and products are covered by our Affordable Regrouting warranty.

Grout colour choices

Our grout comes in various colours to match. Dark coloured grout can be lightened and visa versa.


If you have broken or missing tiles, or suspect a leaky shower, our qualified Tiler can expertly replace or repair prior to your regrouting or re-sealing service. It may not be necessary to completely re-tile a shower or bathroom, saving you money and stress.

Leak detection

We use a thermal imaging leak detection camera to accurately assess moisture & leak problems. There can be a number of reasons for a leaky shower: building movement, busted pipes, insufficent waterproofing (especially in older dwellings), cracked, loose or broken tiles or old grout. Affordable Regrouting will quickly detect the source and address the problem.

Why is sealing important?

Not all tiles can be sealed. Our team will assess & advise at consultation. It is important to have your tiles/grout professionally sealed so that any underlying problems can also be addressed. Because grout is porous, over time with use, cleaning & poor ventilation, grime penetrates the grout and becomes a breeding ground for mould & bacteria. This is why it is important to have your grout sealed professionally. After cleaning, we seal the tiles & grout with a clear liquid, designed to provide stain resistance as well as providing a protective barrier, also making cleaning easier. After sealing, showers can be used after approx 48 hours. Depending on conditions, methods of cleaning & use, your sealer can last from 5-25 years. Our team will advise you on the best methods for cleaning to prolong the effectiveness of the sealant.

Quick Tip

For an effective and eco-friendly, but cheap, cleaning method, mix white vinegar & water (1/3) in a spray bottle. Spray shower & wipe to kill mould. Good ventilation is important, especially in wet areas. If this is a problem in your house, a small portable de-humidifier is the answer.
We don't advise using bleach to clean your tiles. Besides being toxic, bleach damages the grout, making it more porous. Clean with vinegar, or mix with bi-carb or use a ph neutral cleaner.

Service booking

For all enquiries, don't hesitate to phone Affordable Regrouting on 0425 216 550 or go to our contact page to request a free, no obligation quote. Once a quote has been accepted, our team can schedule your job for as soon as possible if urgent, however work usually commences within one to two weeks.